Preparation for studies
in Germany

The German language
is the key of Germany

Studying in Germany is a great chance not only for Europeans but also for students all over the world. They can benefit from a high quality educational system, learn a new language and gain experiences from this interesting country. To achieve this objective, a minimum level in German is recommended for a language course as well as for university studies, according to this subject, FSI Tunesien offers to students the necessary assistance to become able to study in Germany.


Requested German level by German Universities

To go studying in Germany, the student must select one of 2 solutions proposed by FSI Tunesien:
Preparation for language courses in Germany: The student must register in an intensive course from level A1 to A2, which gives him the opportunity to continue learning the language in Germany until passing the Testdaf , Telc or DSH.
Preparation for TestDaf in Tunisia: The student in this case must attend language courses from A1 level to B2 level, and prepare himself for the TestDaf exam periodically organized by Goethe Institut Tunis.

Language courses

FSI Tunesien offers a wide choice of courses in its unique educational and cultural center in Sousse.
Our language classes for adults are taught in a dynamic and interactive environment, which encourages you to actively participate in classroom discussions on a variety of topics, group exercises, debates and role plays. This methodology gives you many opportunities to put into practice the skills you have recently acquired in German, by helping you to gain confidence in yourself in relation with the language.
Learning German at FSI Tunesien follows the standard CEFR, you can follow a language training that goes through the A1 to B2 level, we offer different types of language courses adapted to the various requests and different learning objectives.
The hourly volume is unique in each level, it is fixed by 90 hours per level.

Preparation for certification

After completing your desired level, and before passing the Goethe, TestDaf or ÖSD language exam, you can request an additional courses for exam preparation with a recommended duration of 15 hours.
During this period, the FSI will take care of your ability to pass the German language exams available in Tunisia.

Evening courses
and flexible schedule

FSI Tunesien offers the possibility of evening classes for professionals who can not join the FSI during the day, or a flexible schedule on the weekends.
To join an evening or a flexible group, it is necessary that the schedule will be accepteb by all the members of the group.

Courses fees


45 hours/sub-level
300 TND


45 hours/sub-level
300 TND

Certificate Preparation

15 hours
250 TND

Evening Courses A1-B2

45 hours/sub-level
300 TND


by appointment.

To register at FSI Tunisie, you can visit us Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
from 10h to 16h.
Request an appointment by phone or via our online registration platform.



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